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The program: Click here for the timetable, (doc version),  timetable, (zipped pdf version)



presenter title
Seppo Kittilä Introduction
M.M.Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest Uralic localism in a discourse perspective : a comparison of Local Cases in Samic and Finnic languages
Kari Hiltula
University of Tampere/Greifswald

On temporal factors motivating the use of Finnish
directional locatives



Katja Västi

Agent-like meaning of the element in allative in Finnish verbless constructions



Poster session  
Ilona Rauhala

The adjective attributes in Saami –
form and agreement


revised abstract for publication


Marje Joalaid, Iris Metsmägi, Anne Tamm, Jaan Őispuu Case semantics constraining TAM in Finnic non-finite verbs and nominalizations
Fedor Rozhanskiy The Fall and Rise of Partitive in Jõgõperä Votic
Beatrix Oszko, Larisa Ponomareva The morphology of equative in Komi-Permyak 

Marcus Kracht

Universität Bielefeld

Locatives in Mari

Susanna Virtanen Remarks on use of accusative and lative cases in Eastern Mansi
Maria Usacheva, Moscow State University Spatial Case Meanings in Samoyedic Languages
Andrey Shluinsky Locative cases of the dual number of nouns in Forest Enets:
a case study of ‘postpositional cases’
Casper de Groot Uralic Essive
Gabriella Tóth The interpretation of Case on Secondary Predicates in Hungarian and in Finnish
László Fejes Object marking and the concept of case
Jack Rueter  Paradigm defectivity in Erzya declination types
Arja Hamari

The abessive case of the Permic languages

docx abstract


Jaakko Leino Case in the Finnish infinitive system
Sonya Oskolskaya

Locational demonstratives vs. locational adverbs: a case of Ingrian Finnish

Presentation handout


Anne Tamm


The inventory of cases in the Uralic languages (docx version);

  summary of the workshop

PDF version


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